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What if instead of getting lost in the chaos of your mind and the external influences that can consume you, you could see your life patterns more clearly and then had the tools to make changes? This is Yogic Numerology. An ancient process where you learn to read your personal energy map in order to navigate the karmic patterns in your life.

Have you ever:

  • Gotten stuck in a rut you can't break free of, with relationships, jobs or money?

  • Felt resistance to changing your patterns or asking for help?

  • Come up with great ideas but are unable to follow through or get the idea to reality?

  • On and off again with dieting or struggles with maintaining a healthy weight and body image?

  • Heard negative voices in your head that hold you back?

  • Felt down deep that you have purpose but are unsure of the path you want your life to take?

Based on your birthdate, Numerology helps you to understand yourself more fully so that you can move through life more effectively, and ultimately with more joy. Building on these insights, and your strengths, we are able to put together an exercise routine, meditation practice and new daily habits that help you step into the life you WANT, instead of feeling confused or lost in your current reality.


  • Yogic Numerology reading

  • 10+ page PDF explaining all 10 energetic bodies

  • 30 minute virtual coaching session: 

    • Detailed explanation​

    • How to apply to your life

  • Recorded session to watch On Demand whenever you need 

  • Introduction to meditation: Where to start and why

  • Sadhana: Kundalini Kriya and Meditation recommendation 

Every MAP membership includes a Yogic Numerology reading.
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