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Don’t have time to do a full intake and assessment in order to develop your own custom training program? Or maybe you are traveling and can’t get to your normal training routine? But you still want effective training designed specifically for your sport? Then TBP On Demand Courses are for you. 


Top athletes use a variety of training techniques designed specifically for application to their particular sport. The movements required in football are different than hockey or basketball. And even within a particular sport, the movements needed by an athlete vary from position to position. So it makes sense to train your body in a way that transfers specifically to your sport, and even to your position and body type. That is the concept behind TBP On Demand Courses.


TBP On Demand Courses were designed in consultation with leading professional athletes, coaches, and trainers, in each sport and contain 15-20 concise, targeted sessions designed specifically for your sport and your particular position (if applicable). On Demand Courses will give you sport specific training that help you meet the physical demands of your sport and perform at the highest level. 


These courses will also offer components of our Peak Performance mental prep programming that will address certain mental aspects of the game. These components will help you understand the Peak Performance process and ways you can stay focused, reduce stress, minimize distractions, and avoid many of the common mental mistakes that can undermine your performance.  


These classes will help you stretch and strengthen your mind, body and spirit, loosen up stiffness, and increase range of energy and motion. Add these classes to your routine to help you reach peak performance. Prepare to release tension, create space, and liberate your movement. 

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