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We started this business to not only help people reach their goals, but to help them feel amazing while they do it, with opportunities for growth in all aspects of their life. We believe in the integrity of the process, working hard but taking it slow, and doing so without the stress induced pressure people put on themselves. Each individual starts out with a detailed intake process to make sure you feel comfortable and heard. We seek to understand each client as a complete person, to know what your goals are, and how you want to reach them. Our mission is to get you to your goal in a way that is life giving and life sustaining. To be able to embrace the process and all of its challenges while feeling in balance your body, mind, and spirit. We believe the process, and all the work you put in to it, should improve your overall quality of life. All of our work is done in a client centered, client driven process designed around you, where you are at, and where you want to go (and sometimes the "where" is discovered during the process!). core tenants that serve as the foundation of all our work:


1. Awareness: We believe that self actualization starts within. That process begins with deepening one's level of self-awareness. Awareness of who we are, why we do what we do, how past wounds may still impact us, the masks we wear in our life and why. We believe the process of self-awareness is about learning to be honest with yourself and to accept yourself fo who you truly are. To undergo self-critique while always maintaining a willingness to learn and grow.


2. Humility: Honest self-assessment and critique are difficult if we are in a place where we feel we have no more to learn, no room to grow, no weaknesses, no edges, no masks. The journey within stats with humility so that we can accept ourselves for who we are, and then work honestly to move towards becoming who we want to be.



3. Strength: It takes strength to learn from our mistakes and use those lessons to grow and monitor our thoughts, which in turn impact our emotions. The journey within requires mental focus, self-control, and discipline. These things require strength in the moment to be aware of what we are thinking and feeling and then to use the tools we have within ourselves to control our thoughts and emotions in order to help us achieve our goals.



4. Courage: When we are able to maintain our focus, control our thoughts and emotions, and not allow ourselves to be impacted by people and events outside of ourself (things we can not control), we can then focus on what we can control and make choices and take action that is consistent with our stated goals and values. It takes courage to act out a life that actually follows your plan and takes you to the vision of greatness you have for yourself.



5. Gratitude: This is about living with a mentality of gratitude, an appreciation for all the things we have, and learning to be satisfied with where we are and what we have (or do not have), that will lead us to an inner peace and a reduction of anxiety. This allows us to pursue our goals without judgement or negative self-talk, and to respond to the the obstacles and setbacks we face with a positive attitude, understanding that often those obstacles are the key to reaching our goals. Typically those things we resist will persist. We work to embrace the work and the challenges so that we can clarify our own path and open us to the growth we need. 


STOIC PHILOSOPHY: Part of the process of learning to control and focus your mind (so it does not control you), and developing self-awareness, as well the other attributes listed above, are consistent with many of the tenants of Stoic Philosophy. This, is in addition to meditation, breath work, and other practices, help us to understand ourselves and learn to control our minds, thoughts, and emotions. Thus, Stoic philosophies offer much for the athlete seeking to perform at the highest level. It teaches us to be aware of and in control of our minds. To not let external events influence our thoughts, and ultimately then our emotions and behaviors. It teaches us to appreciate life as it is and to live in the moment It teaches us not to be impacted by things outside of our control or the setbacks and disappointments all people inevitably experiences in life.



We design progressive programs that address the client's individual needs and grow with them as we work together. 

No matter what you play or the level at which you compete, your body will not sustain your sport if you do not take care of it. We're here to help you do that. And to make it fun so that it becomes a lifestyle. 

Physical and meditation practices designed by athletes for athletes to enhance athletic performance, prevent injuries and lengthen careers. 

Cross-train your mind and your body to become stronger in your sport.

Yoga is accessible to everyone. We teach you how to make it work for your sport. 

As athletes in a modern world, we are taught to train fast and train hard. 

Yoga is a break from the competition. It is a personal journey and an opportunity to slow down, check in with your body and create your own healing. 

Yoga isn’t just for relaxing. Yoga trains our minds and bodies in different ways that weight lifting or speed training. It presents new obstacles and learning opportunities to take our state to the next level. Balance - activates small supporting muscles that can be difficult to target. Excellent for foot and joint health. Learn easy self assessment tools to see if you are staying on course or not - self correction tools.

Thunderbird Performance was designed by athletes for athletes. Competitiors who were taught to power through everything. We believe there is a better way. 


Post-poned until further notice due to Covid-19

Tuesday 6:00PM CST
Thursday 6:00PM CST

emma's bio

Former D1 athlete Emma Kittle has found her true calling helping individuals and teams as a yoga, strength and mindset coach. Her clients range from high school to professional athletes. Emma has since joined forces with some of the leading speed, agility, and strength coaches in the field, and now uses that knowledge to create safe, effective and efficient yoga sessions based on the clients individual needs. She believes that regardless of where you are now - directing energy and intent into opening our bodies will create the physical and energetic space to allow our power to come through. 


Yoga came into my life after I finished playing volleyball at the University of Oklahoma. Up until this point I had spend the majority of my life in a gym training hard and lifting heavy. I was first attracted to the practice for the physical transformation. The more I started opening up my body the more I realized how tight and rigid my mind had become. I was so locked into my physical form that I was really struggling to change my mental state. Day by day, I started to see how I could use my body as a road map to understand what was going on under the surface.


I believe yoga is accessible for everyone and helping those who train and compete at any level is what lights me on fire. I am very passionate about working with athletes (especially those who identify as the "non-flexible" yogis) as that is exactly where I started. Whether you are training at elite levels or just looking for a way to show up for yourself, our bodies are pathways to tune into our power and I feel passionate about guiding and assisting you on this journey. 

My clients range from high school to professional athletes. I have since joined forces with some of the leading speed, agility, and strength coaches in the field, and now uses that knowledge to create safe, effective and efficient yoga sessions based on the clients individual needs. She believes that regardless of where you are now - directing energy and intent into opening our bodies will create the physical and energetic space to allow our power to come through. 

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