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We started this business because we believe in movement and mindfulness and believe these principles have direct application to the pursuit of greatness in athletics and life in general. We help people become the best version of themselves while helping them feel amazing in the process. We believe in the integrity of the process itself, in working hard but not feeling rushed, pressured, or in a hurry. Our process will help you grow but without the stress and pressure so many people put on themselves. 


We start with a detailed intake process to make sure you feel comfortable and heard. We seek to understand each client as a complete person, to know what your goals are and how you want to reach them. We seek to get you to your goal in a way that is life giving and in balance with your body, mind, and spirit. We believe the process, and all the work you put in to it, should improve your overall quality of life while getting you to your goals.



We believe that self-actualization starts within. That process begins with deepening one's level of self-awareness, becoming a “mindful” person and athlete. This awareness takes us on a journey of self-discovery, which ultimately is the foundation for reaching our goals. Mindful awareness is about learning to live in the moment, be fully present with yourself and to accept yourself for who you truly are and what is happening in your life. It is the art of intentionally paying full attention to life as it happens, and to do so without drama, embellished stories, or judgment. It requires knowledge of purpose, with a desire for greatness coupled with a constant desire to learn and grow.


Core tools in the development of a mindful life are the practices of mediation and visualization. At the core of both of these, is breath work. Learning to control your breath, so you can control your mind and prevent the mind from controlling you. With breath work and the ability to maintain a calm and reflective approach, you are able to create expectations about your performance and practice those through imagery and visualization. Doing so in combination with your breath work and deliberate action, prepares you to perform at your best.


Mindfulness will lead us to understanding our purpose and why we do what we do. From there we are able to set goals and establish a plan for how to achieve those goals. Implementation of the plan, in a mindful way, requires deliberate and consistent thought and action, repeated over time. It requires focus, concentration, and reflection on where we are at, what we are doing, and how we are doing it. Through the deliberate engagement of life, and your action plan, you build trust in yourself and confidence in your abilities, allowing you to perform at your best level.


Using the tools of mental focus, self-control, and discipline in our lives takes strength. It takes strength to face the challenging moments in life in a way that allows us to keep our composure, and monitor our thoughts and emotions. It take courage to deliberately choose how we want to respond in those moments. It takes strength to dream big and lots of courage to follow that dream and to stick with it in the face of setbacks and disappointments.


All of this gets put into play through movement. Whether that be in your training through yoga or other activities, practice in your sport, or competing, all of this work is preparing you to engage your mind and train your body to perform. Routine and discipline are important of course, but done in a way that is always mindful and connected to breath, body, mind, and spirit.


Part of being mindfully aware is developing the ability to work toward achieving our goals but to do so without pressing too hard or forcing it, which can cause stress, anxiety, and fear. Sometimes we can get so focused on the outcome we want, on how “great” we want to perform, that we prevent ourselves from reaching our full potential. Much of our progress occurs when we learn to be present in the now, to accept who we are and where we are at in life. It begins with finding this space, accepting ourselves and our abilities, and making peace with all of it. From there we can focus on what we want to do and trusting the process to get us there in the manner we desire. It does not happen overnight, it takes time, patience, and a lot of hard work and repetition.  As Jon Kabat-Zin says in his book “Wherever You Go There You Are”; "[Remember,] you are here now, and that when you get there, you will be there. If you miss the here, you are likely to miss the there.”  Process matters. Invest in the process, trust the process, trust the universe, and trust yourself.  Letting go in order to obtain what you want. It will happen. 


Gratitude is an appreciation for all we have in our life and learning to accept where we are and what we may not have. Gratitude can help us find peace and reduce anxiety. This allows us to pursue our goals without judgement or negative self-talk and to respond to the obstacles and setbacks we face with a positive attitude. Understanding that those obstacles often  are the pathway to becoming our best self and reaching our goals.

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