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Yoga Teacher, Photographer, Creative Director
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Emma discovered yoga after she finished playing D1 volleyball. The practice became a tool to unwind the years  spent in a gym training hard and lifting heavy. She was first attracted to the practice of yoga for the physical transformation. She was so locked into her physical form that she was struggling to change her mental state. The more she started opening up her body the more she realized how tight and rigid her mind had become. Day by day, she started to see how she could use her body as a road map to understand what was going on under the surface. 


Emma believes yoga is accessible for everyone and helping those who train and compete at any level is what lights her fire. She is very passionate about working with athletes, especially those who identify as "non-flexible," as that is exactly where she started. Emma's clients range from high school to professional athletes. She has since joined forces with some of the leading speed, agility, and strength coaches in the field and combines that knowledge with her studies of Vinyasa, Kundalini, Sculpt, Yin and Pranayama to create safe, effective and efficient yoga sessions based on the client's individual needs. 


Whatever level you are training at, our bodies are pathways to tune into our power and Emma feels passionate about guiding and assisting you on this journey. 

D1 volleyball player for the University of Iowa and the University of Oklahoma
200hr RYT - Hatha & Vinyasa
KRI Level One Kundalini Teacher 
Restorative + Yin Training
Yoga Medicine
Avid Mountain Climber and Scuba Diver


Yogi, Mindful Awareness Coach, iPEC Life Coach, Football Coach, Tribe Badass
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Bruce is a Life Coach, mediator, attorney, and football coach. He has a wealth of education, training, and experience that allow him to help his clients advance their goals and reach Peak Performance. Bruce’s practice focuses primarily in the area of athletics, working with either professional or collegiate athletes and coaches.

Bruce began working in Peak Performance after coaching and working with his son, George Kittle, All Pro and record setting Tight End with the San Fransico 49ers. Bruce began working with George in 5th grade where they worked on affirmations and visualization techniques. Since then they have worked together on George’s mental preparation using a variety of tools to help George play at the top of his game. 

From these experiences Bruce developed his own holistic and humanistic approach to mental preparation and Peak Performance. Bruce uses a variety of tools including breath work, meditation, yoga, affirmations, visualization, Life Coaching and alter ego development. Bruce uses a client centered approach grounded in the belief that the client knows what is best in their own life, and that they have all the tools and knowledge they need to reach their goals. With just a bit of help in the right areas, Bruce is able to help clients take the next step, improve their game, and perform at the highest level.


Dual sport athlete at the University of Iowa - Football & Wrestling

GA & Assistant Football Coach - University of Iowa

Assistant Football Coach - University of Oklahoma

Player Development Program - University of Oklahoma

Attorney licensed in Iowa and Wisconsin - Criminal Defense

Masters of Divinity from Chicago Theological Seminary

Ordained through the United Church of Christ

20+ years of experience in the area of Restorative Justice

Mediator trained in humanistic and transformative mediation

Avid Yogi and Scuba Diver

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